• Broken Blood Vessels in Eye Causes

    Broken blood vessel eye pictures

    When the conjunctivitis (a white part of the eye) catches red blood color it is called broken blood vessels in eye. It is also known as subconjuctival Hemorrhages in the medical science. It is really not a very harmful condition. Normally it disappears in two or three days. But if still it persists occurring more than a week you must consult the eye specialist to find the reason of red blood eyes.

    Causes of subconjuctival hemorrhages

    Mostly people rub it very aggressively in the exposure of dusty atmosphere.

    It can happen due to sneezing, vomiting, straining, low blood pressure, crying, blaunt trauma and intracranial or intraocular pressure.

    There are various other reasons can make it happen. For example anxiety is also the problem of getting broken blood vessel in eye. Or the medications of aspirin, warfarin, plavix or the high dose of Vitamin E can cause this scratchy and bloody eye.

    Mostly it occurs due to most common eye infection of conjunctivitis. High BP patient normally get red blood eyes when they are sneezing, smoking, driving, early morning time or they got aggressive.

    Risk Factor

    Though it is normal but it can be harmful for longer time, consult the doctor. It can cause hyphema which is a serious condition can harm to victim’s eyes.

    Remedies for Red Blood Eye

    Consult your doctor and if it is occurring due to aspirin or anticoagulants, consult the doctor. Eye specialist will advise to continue or discontinue this medication.

    If trauma is there, it can be treated with eye drops, anti inflammatory drugs and anti biotic.

    Clinically it is proven that with the proper treatment it can be treated in two to three weeks. No need to worry about this situation.

    How to Prevent Broken Blood Vessel Situation

    You must wear glasses when you are driving. Or wear glasses in between athletic events. Keep your eyes close for some time if the atmosphere is too dusty and wear spectacles to avoid entering dust in the eyes.

    So these are the causes of uvula swollen and remedies for avoid such kind of symptoms. On daily basis this type of precaution can rescue your eyes from becoming the victim of red blood eyes.


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