• How to Download Pan Card Application Form Online

    The PAN card is one of the most important documents required for an individual or a firm. The laminated blue colored card is issued by Income Tax Department to keep a check on your bank accounts so that we don’t forget your responsibilities as a citizen and pay taxes regularly. The card is a useful tool used during opening bank accounts, applying for pan card, paying tax etc. The card plays its role as a code of identification throughout India.

    The card has become a mandatory document which is carried everyday to the bank so as to enable depositing or exchanging 500 and 1000 rupees notes which are on the verge of extinction. PM Narendra Modi in a surprise T.V announcement quoted that 500 and 1000 rupees notes will not be considered legal from 8th November midnight with an intention to free India from fake currency and black money. The country stands with PM’s decision to make India a better place. Thus, let’s jump to the steps of PAN card application.


    There are simple steps to fill your PAN Card online:

    1. Visit the UTI/NDSL portal and download the pan card application form from the UTI/NSDL website.
    2. Fill the form which will ask for your personal details. Make sure you fill the correct and appropriate details.
    3. Choose to pay your payment via Credit or Debit card.
    4. You may receive an acknowledgment letter which may contain the address where you need to submit the letter with the required documents.
    5. Attach the required documents which include an ID proof, DOB proof and Address proof with two passport sized photographs.


    These are the simple steps to fill form offline:

    1. Download the application form obtained in the UTI/NDSL website.
    2. Fill the form in block letters which can be visible.
    3. The desired amount can be filled via demand draft or cash.
    4. Submit the form along with the required documents which may include driving license as ID proof, birth certificate for DOB proof and current electricity bill as Address proof to your nearest UTI/NSDL center.

    After submitting the form online, you may get your PAN Card status so as to know the delivery date of your PAN Card. Get your PAN Card and exchange your cash before March 2017.



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