• How to Reset Wi-Fi Extender

    There are so many network problems you were suffering from wifi networks. You cannot get the amount of network you desire for. This can happen due to many reasons. You can solve this low network speed by resetting the wifi extender. Resetting of extender allows you to remove the troubleshooting problem of weak connection. Also it tests the manufacturer’s settings to see if your network speed increases or not. There are several steps to follow and resetting the default setting. Here we have mentioned the whole process for your convenience. Please follow one by one process and reset your WiFi extender.

    Wi-Fi Resetting Process

    first of all you need to enter the or access the IP Address of your router. It must if you have not changed the default IP address.

    You must have accessed the username and password. This is provided for the login. if you have not changed the login details just leave the username column blank and type “admin” into the passoword and click to “ok” tab.

    Now time is to point mouse arrow on “Administration” button and click on “Factory Defaults”.

    Into this you will be provided the restore default factory defaults button, click on this.

    Now move ahead and click on the “Management” tab and choose the “Restore Configurations”.

    Now click on “save settings” to save and restore your default settings.

    Now here comes Manual Reset

    Here is the manual process where you need to plug the range extender into power source.

    Press and hold the reset button for 8 seconds. This button is mostly based on the back of the extender. You can make a hold of reset button by pressing a small screwdriver or paper clip.

    Now the time is to restart the router. You can restart the router by pressing on the power button located exactly behind the router.

    Your wifi is reset. The process of wifi resetting is very simple. We have mentioned the step by step process here. Hope you get all the information regarding resetting the extender. Hope you like it and share it with others too.


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